Medical Jane for Healthy Living


Before you go hysterical about the title, you should know that there are limits to anything—which means even if medical cannabis could be healthy, abusing it can cause undesirable results.

cannabis plantMarijuana is famous for recreational purposes, and a lot of inside growing tips have surfaced the internet ever since indoor growing of the plant became a thing. However, cannabis isn’t just meant to be a drug that could make you high; it also has medicinal advantages that can help you restart and help you live with a healthy body.

Below are the four proven benefits of medical jane:

Reduces anxiety

Medical marijuana, when taken in small doses, can serve as a sedative to enhance the user’s mood. A lot of people also use it to help them conquer the pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy. According to a 2010 study facilitated by Harvard Medical School, some of the upsides of medical cannabis could be caused by the drug’s ability to reduce anxiety levels.

Help oppose the effects of tobacco


Some of us already know that the carcinogenic effects of tobacco are unpleasant. This may come as a huge surprise, but cannabis can elevate the ability of the lungs and improve the total lung health of a person according to a 2012 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The research states that cannabis, when taken correctly, won’t interfere with the function of the lungs. Researchers also discovered that those who smoked tobacco for 20 years lost their lung capacity, while those who smoked pot for the same number of years had better lung function. This is probably because a person takes deep breaths when inhaling medical cannabis.

Aids users manage epileptic seizures

According to an experiment carried out last 2003, the use of medical cannabis can prevent epileptic seizures. Robert J. DeLorenzo of the Virginia Commonwealth University used rats as test subjects in his study. He provided access to synthetic marijuana and marijuana extract to the subjects. As a result, the subjects didn’t deal with seizures for almost 10 hours. This is the wonder of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana which can control the seizures. These ingredients affix themselves to the brain cells that control excitability and calmness.

Prevent the spreading of cancer

Lastly, medical jane has been proven to prevent cancer from spreading. This is according to the researchers of California Pacific Medical Center located in San Francisco.

cannabis-pillsAccording to a study issued in the Journal of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, this is possible because of the existence of CBD in cannabis, which is a chemical that turns off the gene Id-1. For those who are unaware, the cancer cells actually make copies of this gene more than the non-cancerous cells. The result? The spreading of cancer throughout the body. Researchers who experimented with cannabis chose to study breast cancer cells, which had high expression levels of the said gene, and they used CBD as treatment. After being exposed to the remedy, the cancer cells had lower Id-1, and the spreading of cancer became less violent.

As a matter of fact, a few studies in Spain, Israel, and the U.S. concluded that the compounds in cannabis could eradicate cancer cells.

Talk about healthy living!

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