I Bet You Didn’t Know This About CS:GO


CS:GO gambling is fun!

Oh, I think you know that by now. But really, it’s better to stick with CS:GO if you want to gamble.

The Betting Game


Are you a beginner? Don’t worry; it’s easy to get a grasp on how to bed on CS:GO. All you have to do is visit a few CS:GO gambling sites and place your bets! Most sites work the same way—you have to trust the team that has the most significant advantage in the game. You should know that there are teams that focus on the talent of every team member instead of the power of the entire team. The wise thing to do is to put your trust in the most reliable team. How will you know if they’re strong? There’s one indicator: They talk to one another and strategize together. Strong teams don’t consist of members that work individually. After all, CS:GO is a team game.

Betting on CS:GO is fun and pretty straightforward. You just bet on the outcome of the match, which is a gamble called Money Line. The basis of your bet should be the previous win-loss record of the team, as well as the current situation.

Individual Maps


Aside from the previous win-loss record, you should also check out the individual Maps. Every match has Maps, which means you can even put your money on the victor of every Map. Know that there are different Maps, and some teams may be stronger on a few Maps than other teams. With these Maps, betting on CS:GO may not always reflect the odds of winning the whole game.

The Betting Place

Don’t just trust any site! That is a huge mistake. If you’re wondering where you can safely bet, I’ll give you the answer: Go to CSGO Totem. This site has reviewed, tried, and tested the sites they’ve recommended to make sure you won’t be scammed by sites which are good for nothing.

The Betting Advantage


There’s a reason why CS:GO gambling is better than other e-sport gambling such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. The advantage lies behind the Maps and a team’s mastery of them. These Maps give a chance to teams. A team can be an underdog when we talk about the overall victory of the game, but their strong performance on a particular Map can make them trustworthy.

The Betting Person

This is YOU, and this is the part where you visit the sites and start gambling! Enjoy!

(Be sure you’re 18 years old or older!)

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