How Wood Planing Can Help You Stay Fit


hand-planingWood Planing? Fitness? Aren’t those two a bit too far from each other to be in one sentence? Actually, they aren’t! This article will prove that planing and exercise can be done at the same time. Read on to fulfill your hunger for information.

Planer Inspection

When you’re about to use a planer, you first check if it’s ready for planing right? That’s a mental exercise. On the other hand, lifting it up, transporting it from one place to another, setting it up, disassembling it, and replacing the blade all give you the opportunity to get physical.


PORTER-CABLE-PC60THP-6-Amp-300x300Before using my absolute favorite hand planer right now, I always check if the wooden material I’m about to even out is secure on the workbench. I use an adjustable clamp for this. When I’m using a large planer, I also make sure my right hand will be situated at the back of my wood planer, and my left will guide the front (that’s because I’m a right-handed person). All these securing and double checking require me to move around and carry materials. Trust me; sometimes I sweat a lot during this process! It’s a good thing, though, because that would mean I’m losing unwanted fats!

Selecting the board to be planed is something that will really get your ass up. Checking the board if it’s ready for planing can be a bit time-consuming. It requires a lot of physical effort. You need to check if there are lumps, knots, warps, and so on. After all, you should only choose boards with minimal flaws and straight gains.

Planing Process


Using a wood planer is a physical workout. After all, you have to tilt it a bit forward to allow its blade to come in contact with the board’s surface you’re trying to plane. You even have to push firmly with your wrists and forearms to move the planer along. Your lower body and your legs are needed as well since they can help you go all out while moving the planer. There’s also a proper procedure here (as if you’re in the gym). It’s when you avoid straining your lower back by bending at the waist in order to push.

Board Inspection

After planing, you have to examine the board again. You might need to use the planer again.

Using a wood planer won’t just make your day productive; it will also help you stay fit!

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